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    Grandpa’s Dying Gift

    a colorful sculpture of an elephant

    By the time she was nine, Chloe was well on her way to becoming a really, really spoiled brat. As an only child, she got her way with almost everything. Her parents doted on her like crazy and indulged her every whim, being firm subscribers to the belief that she would eventually grow out of her selfish streak. They railroaded over well-meaning objections from her cousins, uncles, aunts and other relatives and persisted in allowing Chloe to live out her childhood unfettered in every way. There was time enough, they felt strongly, for her to face up to the inherent meanness of the real world.

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    Mapping Hell

    type writer

    hell is a dank, dark basement apartment  once a home for two  but now only housing one who perpetually breathes in mildew  while learning the meaning of the phrase 'crawling with bugs' as he sits alone on a queen sized bed

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    Mother holding her child in front of an alien spaceship

    The invasion happened 40 years ago, in 2027.  Big, oval-shaped metal ships appeared out of the sky. It’s hard for anyone to think that on that day, millions of lives disappeared. The aliens came in their large spacecrafts with protruding metal legs, and walked around our town in Aberdeen.

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    Her Mother’s Advice

    Silhouette of a mother and young daughter sitting on the beach with the sunset in the background

    Her mother told her when she was young – Be the kind of woman who can keep a family united. A woman who guards and protects fragile relationships, who cushions each family bond, so they don’t break.

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    Egyptian Woman

    Black and white photo of an old exhausted woman using a sewing machine

    I am an Egyptian woman I mean, I am an exhausted woman I spend my night in enjoyment till the morning watching fantasy movies that I do not afford living and my day passes through many ordinary tasks that no one counts.