• Fiction

    Runaway Tobias

    Palm trees with the sun setting in the middle

    Like any other orphan, Tobias was curious about so many things. When he was younger, he wanted to know who his real parents were and why they had abandoned him. As he got older, he wanted to know what it was like to be outside the walls that surrounded the orphanage, or what it was like to attend a big school, or join a basketball team, or go to a mall, or own a mobile phone or fall in love.  

  • Fiction


    Rows of empty theatre seats

    Your brain is a film played at 5x speed - the images barely intelligible, leave no room for thought, only gut. Meanwhile, the theater is collapsing in slow motion.

  • Fiction

    The Choice

    Frozen tree branches with icicles

    The end feels so inevitable when it comes. At least, mine does. I am in my final moments, of that there is no doubt. I stand in the biting cold of winter, my bones aching, my wounds bleeding. I know this is where my story ends. I should feel afraid. I should feel absolute terror. I’ve seen it in the faces of those I’ve bested, in the faces of men I held in their final breaths. Men that I respected, brave men, have lost their courage in the face of it time and time again. I always expected fear in the end, but now it has not seen fit to…

  • Fiction


    Child holding hands with an adult

    My jeans are drenched as I look at the blurred images of you. It is hard to remember your face, though, when I can look in a mirror, I see you.

  • Fiction

    Remove Your Veil

    Indian woman about to open curtain

    (-based on the old Indian customs related to widows; they were forcefully stripped of all jewellery upon their husband’s death, the vermillion rubbed off their foreheads, hardly given anything to eat, made to sleep on the floor, forbidden to wear anything colourful, not allowed to look at any male relatives, the veil always drawn low)