• Mental Health


    woman and her reflection all fuzzy in front of her

    SANE: A word I have never quite been acquainted with. I was brought up by someone who physically used my head to punish the walls of the house she found no peace in.  How could “sane” possibly live here? Blindfolded by my desire to run from that hellhole, I thought the only road leading to happiness is marriage. 

  • Mental Health

    Coping With Lost Time

    silhouette of a head with crumpled papers floating above it

    When I first started college, I always believed I would make something of myself. I would get a degree, see the world, and become a successful journalist. I had it all planned out, and after the toll my harrowing years of high school took on me, I felt adulthood had something better to offer mentally.  I soon had reality hit me like a freight train. People always ask: “What would your younger self think of your current self?” It’s a question I can never answer easily. You might as well be asking me to find the circumference of the moon. Even then, I feel like I’d have an easier time…

  • Mental Health


    This digital artwork features a feminine healing character who’s dress holds a beautiful  serene tranquil world. The world was created from the magic happening in the stomach. In the stomach there are people (healthy micro biome bacteria) using healthy foods to create serotonin. You can find him on Instagram @2des (linked in his author name above as well).