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Hi, I'm Isvari. In 2024, everyone wants a superhero brand.

I help you get there.

Whether you're a person, a startup, or a Fortune 500 - I help you tangibly change the world and become known for it.

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be on a team of real life Avengers. But as I grew, I realized that all the power was held by those with money and fame, not the power to do good and do well.

Today, I have found my superhero team and I help others find theirs.

With Dweebs Global, we helped thousands of people upskill their careers and mental health with free mentorship support.

And now, at Yuvoice, we are launching the world's largest civic engagement platform as an alternative to current social media. We gamify doing good: we reward you for launching micro and macro movements that tangibly impact the world, inspire leaders with stories from the global majority, and connect you to your superhero team.

Speaking and Writing

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I’m represented by Celeste Stein, celestestein@bsaprinc.com. 

Looking for my novels? Here.


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About me

I help you become a superhero.

In 2024, superhero branding is everything—customers, employers, and employees want to know how your brand does good.

I am the CEO of Yuvoice, which is launching the world's largest pro-democracy, community engagement platform as an alternative to toxic social media. Yuvoice gamifies doing good and is launching in 2024 with a 100+ team from over 25 countries, a secret-AI powered algorithm, and a goal to hit 1B users in a decade.

In 2020, I also co-founded the viral mentorship nonprofit Dweebs Global, which launched at the start of the pandemic and helped over a thousand people in less than three months.

A cybersecurity and national security attorney, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, the National Commission on Service, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of State, and indigent asylum seekers. 

I was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Secretary of Defense in 2019 and recognized as an Out Leader in National Security in 2021.

I am a former physics researcher and accomplished columnist. I worked at Fermilab and CERN in particle physics, researched with Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter in supernova cosmology, and have taught mathematics and Python. I have written regular columns for the Boston Globe, The Washington Times, and Medium, where I have been a Top Voice in Business, Politics and Love.

I am also an Amazon best-selling author, have as a concert pianist, and am a professional portrait/landscape artist. I have lived and worked across three continents, traveled to over 40 countries, and worked with people in over 50 countries. As an openly LGBTQ+, brown, and Gen Z leader, I have unique perspectives on entrepreneurship and leadership.

A young graduate of UC Berkeley and Georgetown Law, I am only 27 years old. 


The Superhero Bulletin covers four topics to change your life:

There are three more ways I can help you.

For people and small businesses

I will create your superhero brand for you in 3 weeks.

You could develop a superhero brand for free using all my free resources. Or I could do it for you and change you life in just three weeks.

Here’s how:

I will interview you, help you decide on your superhero brand/purpose from a list of options I provide, and recreate your resume and online brand to match your new identity. Clients have completely transformed their life, earning potential, and follower count within weeks of speaking with me.

I also offer consulting for nonprofit management and leadership, management consulting, public relations and strategic advice. 

And I do the work for you. 

Contact me; initial call is free. 

FOr Companies

Every company is looking to be a superhero brand.

I can make you one.

Every viral company today knows they have to prove they’re changing the world in some way. 

We can help you beat all of them by making you a real superhero brand.

In only six weeks, my team and I will: 

– Create operational structures to support programs that align with your brand ($35K value on the market)

– Tell you what to spend the least amount on for the most impact ($20K value)

– Create a marketing/branding strategy to get public credit and support for your work ($30K value)

– Rewrite website copy to fit your new superhero brand ($15K value)

– Write a “storyboard” for your brand or founder to tell your story in the future ($15K value)

– Train employees to use LinkedIn, TikTok, and other social media to advertise your superhero brand ($27K value)

– Provide an organized and led 2-hr focus group feedback/consulting session with 10 professionals from at least 5 different countries ($10K value).

We save you millions and you achieve tangible ROI on PR, marketing, and saving the planet. 

Contact me to discover how to to work with me. 

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