• Mental Health


    This digital artwork features a feminine healing character who’s dress holds a beautiful  serene tranquil world. The world was created from the magic happening in the stomach. In the stomach there are people (healthy micro biome bacteria) using healthy foods to create serotonin. You can find him on Instagram @2des (linked in his author name above as well).

  • Mental Health


    Yellow leaves on the ground and a silhouette of a tree

    In the darkened room, where shadows silently creep,  I sit alone, enveloped in solitude, as the night grows deep. Though voices resonate, laughter fills the air, Within the crowd, a piercing pain, a burden hard to bear.

  • Mental Health

    Miss Lily Grantham

    Person with two hands covering their face, but their face is shown through the hands

    My garden of wonders bloomed with an amalgamate of pink roses with overlapped thick velvety petals, and herbs – chives, basil, fennel - common points for pollinators every morning when I bid her goodbye before school bus on leathery wheels

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