Privacy Policy


What information does the DG Sentinel collect and how? We do our best to not track your online activity and not record any of your data other than what you tell us and what is necessary to generate basic usage analytics. Information you provide (for example, when you create an account or sign up to receive our emailed newsletter) may include your name, email address, and other “account information” (such as information that you mayneed to recover your account if you forget your password). The DG Sentinel uses cookies togenerate Google Analytics reports about website traffic.2Please do not ever send us unsolicited social security numbers, credit card information, orgovernment identification. If you do, we will do our best to delete such sensitive informationfrom our systems as soon as possible.

If someone who claims to work for us asks you for sensitive personal information, it is probably a scam. Do not reply directly to a suspicious email that appears to come from DG Sentinel personnel or reach out to the contact listed in such an email. Instead, please send a direct email to in order to verify the validity of the email, if there is any doubt in your mind, before providing any sensitive information to any person who claims to work for the DG Sentinel. We do not currently record any user or financial data in connection with fundraising or selling swag because all financial transactions are routed through third-party organizations like PayPal or Printify. If we do collect information in connection with a financial transaction (for example, in connection with processing a one-time donation), we will use it only for the purpose of completing that transaction, and we will purge our records of any sensitive financial information as soon as possible.

What does the DG Sentinel use it for?

We use your email address and account information to circulate our newsletter and to allow you to make changes to your communication preferences. We do not sell any personal information, and we do not collect or retain any information that we do not need to fulfill our purpose. We may share your contact information or use it for fundraising purposes for the DG Sentinel or for other nonprofits to the extent that such use or sharing is consistent with our nonprofit mission. However, we will never sell your information to anyone. While we do not currently use personalized information in order to direct targeted advertising (we do not currently advertise on our website at all), it is possible that we will use cookies to target advertisements in the future.

Can it be used to identify me?

The information we collect is generally aggregated and anonymous. However, your account information, email address, and other information that we do or may collect (such as IP address, name, etc.), could conceivably be used in concert to identify you under certain circumstances. However, we do our best to avoid collecting sensitive information and to avoid keeping any potentially identifying information longer than necessary to accomplish our mission. In addition, you may submit a request to have all information relating to you immediately purged from our systems by emailing .

Does the DG Sentinel sell data?

No. Does the DG Sentinel provide data to any third parties? The DG Sentinel generally does not provide information to third parties. However, some data sharing is required as a practical matter. For example, the companies that host DG Sentinel servers or that provide analytics to the DG Sentinel have theoretical access to the information that they store or process on the DG Sentinel’s behalf. However, the DG Sentinel does not permit those companies to use the data in any way other than as required to perform the contracted services. 3 In addition, some user information may be published or shared in an aggregated format (such that it is impossible to identify specific information about individual users). For example, the DG Sentinel may publish the fact that it had a certain number of unique users in a given month from a given country, or may provide analytics information to another nonprofit to help it design a campaign. The DG Sentinel will also comply with all applicable laws, including by providing information when requested by law enforcement officials.

Can I opt out of cookies?

Yes. When you visit our site, you will see a pop-up that informs you that we use cookies and asks you if you agree. You can opt out by indicating that you do not want us to use cookies. Don’t worry—you can still use our site even if you say no to cookies! Can I ask to have my data deleted? Yes. Email .

When is data deleted?

Account information is generally deleted immediately when an account is terminated or when a request to delete data is received. Individual cookie information is stored by Google Analytics in accordance with their privacy policy. Aggregated user data is stored indefinitely, but in a format that makes it impossible to identify specific information about individual users. Who has access to account information? Access to individual account information is available only on a need-to-know basis to select DG Sentinel personnel, such as customer service representatives who may help you with account recovery or management on request, programmers who may need direct access to the back-end in order to improve the website, etc.

Who has access to Google Analytics/cookie information?

Google Analytics information is or may be available to certain Google personnel and affiliates to the extent permitted by the Google Analytics privacy policy and terms of service. Otherwise, it is only made available to a select group of leaders and administrative personnel at the DG Sentinel in aggregated form, who use it to identify trends in website traffic and similar matters.


If you have questions about this privacy policy, please email .