The World Is Voting: What Are You Waiting For?
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The World Is Voting: What Are You Waiting For?

Country of origin: United States of America

Whew, 2024 is a whirlwind election year. With over 64 countries voting, few places are untouched by political discussion. Every adult I know in the US has a political opinion and they’re very keen to share it. We all have stories of how elections impact us, yet often, those voices just aren’t loud enough!

The “World Is Voting” team at Yuvoice wants to hear about what you’re going through both in freer democracies and more repressive regimes. What are first-time voters, protesters, absentee voters, optimists, and cynics living through where elections are happening in these powerful times?

While infinite sources show how people feel about political candidates, only one person knows a personal story, and that’s you: the one going through the experience. It is easy to find political statistics and election updates via a quick internet search. It is much more revealing, however, to learn how you experience life in a world that’s voting.

Election postponements, controversy, debates, and campaigns have coursed through this whirlwind year. How have these events impacted you? What is it like seeing your family in these situations? How have you influenced the elections in your locality? Why are you choosing to vote or not? Do you have voting traditions? Do you make a day of it or duck until the fuss is over? Is your country undergoing a democratic transition, or is it ready for one? You are the only person who can answer these questions. So tell us. 

Your election stories are crucial. The world needs to know what it’s like for you in this environment swirling with politics. 

Whether you are voting, observing, scowling, or cheering, global elections influence us all. We have the platform, and you have the story, so what are you waiting for?

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Elizabeth joined us in January as an Assistant Editor with our Humanity team. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in English in 2017 and now works as a writer and editor. Elizabeth’s writing primarily focuses on advocacy and assists multiple nonprofit organizations throughout her career. She wants to continue to harness her writing and editing skills to uplift marginalized voices and promote social advancement.


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