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About Yuvoice

At Yuvoice, we’re on a mission to revolutionize how we engage with democracy. As the world’s largest non-profit pro-democracy engagement platform, we’re dedicated to providing genuine value and unbiased information to all. Imagine a global online town square where superheroes gather and success is not measured by fame of fortune but by the positive impact we make. That’s our vision: a world where your purpose defines you and where doing good is the ultimate currency.

Our Mission

Yuvoice’s mission is to educate, connect and reward superheroes for launching micro and macro movements that tangibly impact the world.

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Our Superpowers

We will help you change the world

We know you’re aware of the problems that plague us in 2024. Your voice is being squashed, you don’t have a team of superheroes to work with and you don’t have the energy to make a tangible impact.

Over 150 of us from over 25 countries have spent two years creating the largest pro-democracy, community engagement platform in the world to solve all of that for you.

We are social media for social justice 

We educate, inspire, and reward superheroes for creating micro and macro movements.

We bring the “social” and “media” back to social media with real friendships and honest stories.

We are a majority-minority, international-run organization, and we will always be a nonprofit.

Our Team

We are powered by a diverse team of over 100 individuals from 25 countries. Our staff have decades of experience from full stack startups to running multibillion dollar projects at Fortune 500s, from working for the world’s largest media companies to breaking revolutionary stories, and from designing Fortune 500 ad campaigns to running recruiting agencies. We have some of the world’s best compliance, cybersecurity, legal, and strategy experts as well. We are truly diverse and global!

Isvari Maranwe

Chief Executive Officer
India/ United States of America

Megan Millar

Chief Operations Officer
Australia/ United Kingdom

Mehru Roshan​​

Chief Production Officer
Australia/ United Kingdom

Daphne Kasriel

Chief Editorial Director
Israel/ United Kingdom

Fabian Bennett

Chief Compliance Officer
Jamaica/United Kingdom

Howard Lee

Chief of Staff

John Godfrey

Chief Information Security Officer
United States of America

Michael Macias

Chief People and Culture Officer
United States of America

Stana Ferrari

Chief Managing Editor
Italy/ Chile/ Mexico/ Malaysia

Gerald Gentemann

Senior Marketing Advisor
United State of America

Jordan Luz

Hawaii/United States of America

Nathaniel Maranwe

General Counsel
United States of America

Kathlyn Xavier

Director of Martech and Digital Execution

Katie Poirier

Director of Development
United States of America

Rachelle Trotman

Director of Events
Barbados /Jamaica /Germany

Toni-Ann Martin

Director of Strategic Engagements

Become a Superhero

Join us in shaping this future by embracing our mantra: “Do Good in Every Direction.” It’s not just a responsibility; it’s a unique opportunity to be a force for good on a global scale. Here’s our promise to you: no ads, no paywalls, no selling data, and definitely no endorsing politicians. Just pure, unfiltered engagement for the betterment of society. For us, your voice matters. We’re committed to amplifying your stories, experiences, and perspectives, whether they involve on-the-ground activism, recounting personal experiences in community-driven initiatives, or shedding light on the challenges faced by marginalized communities. Together, we can discover our purpose, learn how to take action, and make a real difference in the world. 

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