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Sentinel Signal Sponsorship

The only sponsorship opportunity we have is the Sentinel Signal. You cannot pay us to write about you or promote your content.

For a donation (yes! it’s tax-deductible!) to our org, we will feature you at the top of our weekly newsletter as a thank you.


  • Reach: 45K+ and growing.

  • Audience: Entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and world-changers

  • Primary markets: the United States, the UK, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia

  • Additional bonus: For now (we’ll see how long it lasts), your sponsorship line and newsletter will ALSO go out on Medium and on Isvari’s LinkedIn (to 300,000+ subscribers). 

What you get: 

–You will get one shout out at the top of our weekly newsletter as a thank you for keeping our work free for readers. 

–You supply the copy! And we edit it to fit our voice. It’s text only and two sentences long. The shorter, the likelier folks click through!

–Your ad will be one of a maximum of two ads. 

Your sponsorship will also continue to remain live on all sites we publish the newsletter on, including Medium and LinkedIn. 

Cost: $1500, discount available only for registered nonprofits

For next steps:; Subject Line: Sentinel Sponsorship

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