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At Yuvoice, we’re not just building a platform—we’re shaping the future of democratic engagement. As we strive to become the largest not-for-profit pro-democracy engagement platform, we commit to providing genuine value and unbiased information to everyone, regardless of background or belief.

Joining Yuvoice means more than just getting published and sharing your stories; it means becoming part of a movement that values diversity, creativity, and the power of individual voices. Whether you’re an experienced writer or a passionate community member, we welcome your submissions with open arms. We believe in the strength of multiple perspectives, and we encourage you to send us as many submissions as you like.

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Why should you choose Yuvoice? Because here, your voice matters. We’re dedicated to amplifying your stories, experiences, and perspectives—whether they stem from on-the-ground activism, personal community-driven initiatives, or shedding light on the struggles faced by marginalized groups. Together, we can uncover our purpose, learn how to take action, and truly make a difference in the world.

By contributing to Yuvoice, you’re not just publishing your work; you’re joining a global conversation that inspires and empowers. With the support of our world-class editors, your voice will resonate across borders, reaching audiences far and wide. And as part of our vibrant writer community, you’ll find support and a shared commitment to driving positive change on our planet.

So, why wait? Join Yuvoice today and let your voice be heard on a platform dedicated to shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for us all.

✓ Global Exposure

Reach audiences worldwide on a platform committed to inspiring and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds.

✓ Professional Guidance

Receive support and feedback from our world-class editors, ensuring your voice is polished and impactful.

✓ Community Engagement

Connect with a vibrant community of writers who share your passion for making a positive impact, fostering collaboration and collective growth.

Are you ready to submit your story, poem or artwork? Read the guidelines below and get started.

  • Ensure you have the intellectual property rights to the piece you are submitting;
  • By submitting your piece, you are giving Yuvoice the right to publish it. We ask for exclusive written and audio content rights for a year and non-exclusive publication rights after that. For illustrations, you keep all rights, and we only need the non-exclusive right to publish;
  • By submitting your piece, you agree that we can publish the edited version of the piece. If you disapprove of any edits, please let us know, as we can take down or archive the piece or that portion of it from the website;
  • By submitting your piece you confirm that you have the rights to publish your submission, that you’ve credited anyone else who contributed to it, that it hasn’t been submitted anywhere else, that it’s not misleading, that it doesn’t violate the rights of any person, and that you’ve informed us of any conflicts of interest. If you mislead us, you’ll be responsible for that.

What you MUST include with the submission:

  • If your piece has trigger warnings that readers should know about, please add them as a disclaimer for sensitivity;
  • Please indicate how you would prefer to be credited: by your full name, by your first name, by your surname, by your pen name or anonymously (your writing will be credited to “Global Citizen”)
  • Unless you want your piece to be published as anonymous, please list ALL countries or places you’ve called home or currently call home for at least 6 months or more: the country/place where you live now, the country/place where you used to live and the country/place you call home
  • Include a one-paragraph writer bio unless submitting anonymously;
  • Please add links to any social media channels you have that you’d like to include after your name (or to be used for promotional purposes of your article on our social media channels). For example, a personal blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.;
    Include visuals and accessible links.

Some of the articles submitted by our writers

Starting an Online Business: My Steps to Achieving Success

Have you ever sighed deeply after a mistake or mishap and said to yourself, “If only I knew,” or “I wish someone could have told me”? Well, I did. As mindful as we can try to be, I don’t think anyone...

Sole Searching

I took a deep breath and gave away my dance shoes. It was a bittersweet moment. It felt like admitting defeat and releasing pressure on myself at the same time. They were these super chic black...

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