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Yuvoice is going to be the engagement platform. We’re putting social back in social media:

  1. Earn rewards for actually doing good in the real world.
  2. Make real friends who share goals and have the skills you need to change the world.
  3. Join and launch communities led by experienced guides who help you make an impact.

We’re putting media back in social media:

  1. Read on-the-ground stories about real lives.
  2. Share your voice with diverse people around the globe, not just the West.
  3. Discover your mission, and learn how to act and fix the planet.

At Yuvoice, we’re not just another new social media platform. We’re on a mission to revolutionize how we engage with democracy. We are dedicated to providing genuine value and unbiased information to all.

Support our superheroes today!

Click here to view our Social Media for Social change campaign on Donorbox.

Our Rewards

When you become a Yuvoice donor, here are some amazing rewards you will receive! 

Superhero basic

A special shout-out on: our weekly newsletter, The Superhero Bulletin, and/or our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok!


Superhero Standard

Complimentary limited edition, donor-only swag plus a shout out!


Superhero Premium

Signed letter from one of our founders, swag, and a shout out!


Superhero elite

Dedicated thirty-minute meeting with one of our founders to learn more about Yuvoice, plus a signed letter, swag, and a shout out!



Silver - $3000

Be credited as the official sponsor of one edition of The Superhero Bulletin and get a social media shout-out to 300K+ followers!

Bronze - $5000

Get listed as a donor forever on our website. Plus, receive two tickets to our launch event and a limited edition swag package.

Gold - $10,000

We have lots of amazing possibilities for your support at this level. Please contact us! We’d love to talk about what works for you. You will also receive five table tickets to our launch event, plus a limited edition swag package.

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