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    Starting an Online Business: My Steps to Achieving Success

    (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Kilian via Unsplash)

    Have you ever sighed deeply after a mistake or mishap and said to yourself, “If only I knew,” or “I wish someone could have told me…”? Well, I did. As mindful as we can try to be, I don’t think anyone likes making mistakes. We all wish we could prevent mishaps and unpleasantness. Predicting the future is impossible, but I eventually understood that I can learn from others’ mistakes and lessons.

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    I Am Just as Confused As You Are

    footsteps standing on pavement with two arrows; one pointing left and the other pointing right

    You are not alone, I am just as confused as you are.  My life hasn't always been the way I wanted it to be. I hated business studies in my junior secondary school, but surprisingly, I had the highest score on the “termly assessment” test. I wanted to be a science student, but I got randomly selected for a commercial class and ended up loving it. As a student of commerce, I graduated as the best in my set.  Discovering what I wanted to do with my life and career was even more challenging.

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    Reminiscing on My First Day of Teaching

    Jordan Luz and his students from English 100; class picture

    My first day of teaching still haunts me to this day.  Not because it was a bad experience, although there were many things I would do differently if I could, but because it was the fact that I was teaching. Even though I majored in English as an undergraduate and master’s student, it was difficult for me to imagine myself in front of the classroom as a teacher.  I was notorious for doubting myself. Heck, still today, even when it’s been five years since I started teaching.

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