• Humanity

    Someone Shot My Hometown

    A person in despair as they check their phone for news.

    On the morning of July 4th, 2022, I was lying in bed watching videos on my phone when my mom called me. Earlier that week, we had discussed the possibility of meeting at my parents’ house for a barbecue or a short visit, so I didn’t think anything of the call. However, when I picked up the phone, it was immediately clear that something was wrong.

  • Mental Health


    Why, I asked him, do we have to return to our dorms at dusk, like pigeons into pigeonholes, while they don’t—their freedom resounding like the condor’s cry as they walk the dark streets. The ‘security’ guard leered, patting the low parapet he was sat on; ‘Come here, and I will tell you,’ he drawled, like he was any better than the unhinged rapist he was supposedly protecting me from.