• Mental Health

    Ming and Hua

    Image of solo candle burning in the dark

    Separated for more than forty years without knowing each other's whereabouts, Ming reencounters Hua, his first love, at a reunification party, and falls in love with her again. As he begins to suffer increasingly from what he sees as a morbid emotional obsession, he tries to regain his mind by understanding, in terms of different 'complexes,' why he has become so helplessly infatuated with her. 

  • Mental Health

    Being a Mom in the Era of Mass Shootings

    Three adults locking arms in front of building

    One Saturday in August 2019, parents, grandparents, and children were shopping for school supplies at an El Paso Walmart when they came face to face with a gunman set on taking as many Brown lives as possible. While this was happening, I was at Walmart in El Paso, buying school supplies for my son. I just happened to be at a different Walmart in town on that fateful day. 

  • Mental Health


    Why, I asked him, do we have to return to our dorms at dusk, like pigeons into pigeonholes, while they don’t—their freedom resounding like the condor’s cry as they walk the dark streets. The ‘security’ guard leered, patting the low parapet he was sat on; ‘Come here, and I will tell you,’ he drawled, like he was any better than the unhinged rapist he was supposedly protecting me from. 

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