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Why Fueling Work with my Intense Passion is My Disruptive Secret

Country of Origin: Italy and Chile

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Society doesn’t like people like me, like you.

Do you ever find yourself caught in the worry that your diverse passions could lead to confusion in people around you? Your audience, even? Maybe, like myself, you’re concerned that this could even endanger the success of your business because you’re scattered all over the place. We are squiggly lines, and society likes straight, linear individuals. 

However, I dived into the heart of these concerns and explored why embracing my faceted nature is the key to unlocking unparalleled success, both in life and business.

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I started thinking back and reflecting on all those instances where I’ve come across individuals I deeply admire. Have I ever been put off by their passionate discussions spanning a multitude of topics? Can I recall a time when their exploration of different interests left me bewildered? Honestly? Rarely. In fact, it’s often exhilarating to witness our favorite communications expert delve into the realms of “erotic power,” or witness a business coach passionately writing about the world of music. It’s in these moments that a genuine connection forms. We trust these multifaceted individuals, and we are itching to accompany them on their journey of diverse passions — we crave it — eagerly absorbing the wealth of knowledge they offer through their content and experiences. It is because they talk about different things that fascinate me! 

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Why, then, should it be any different for you and me? As I was navigating my path as an entrepreneur, I started noticing that my clients were drawn to my transformative journey and the energy I radiate. They seek my authenticity and my liberation from struggles, which mirror their own. If we restrict ourselves due to apprehensions about our multifaceted nature, we unintentionally limit the very authenticity that attracts our clients.

I’m not alone in this journey, and neither are you. Understand that your energy, your natural inclinations, and your passions, are all your guiding lights. Trust in them. Just as your clients trust you to lead them toward transformation, trust yourself to lead your business with the same authenticity. At times, I noticed those who struggled to grasp my authenticity. It’s an indication that they might not be my true audience — and that’s perfectly okay.

It’s about crafting a holistic approach that blends your multifaceted essence with the digital landscape: all dimensions that your target audience absorbs information through. I can still share your specific insights, my offers, and the results my clients can achieve. The specificity that matters isn’t the niche I fit into but the genuine value I bring to the table. 

I’m embracing my restlessness. I have the unique ability to expedite progress and satisfaction. I move from one interest to another with remarkable speed. And this is my strength. Unlike others, I have the power to shift focus effortlessly when an endeavor no longer aligns with my energy. This agility is a boon, a testament to my dynamic nature. A nature I’m no longer resisting. I am loving it. And if you’re anything like me, rest assured, as long as you’re driven by passion rather than frustration, the right people will gravitate towards you.

We live in a world that often values specialization over diversity, so embracing my multifaceted self has seemed like a challenge. Yet, it’s precisely this authenticity that sets me apart. 

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So, trust your journey. Embrace your versatility; embrace your passion. Let intuition guide you in creating anything that reflects your genuine self. As you do so, you’ll find that your audience – your tribe – is already out there, waiting to connect with the unfiltered, multifaceted you.

Thank you to Yosef Baskin and Tripti Mund for their inspired edits on this piece and everyone else on the Work & Life team.

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Stana Ferrari, an Italian and Chilean digital nomad, is a multifaceted professional. With a background in International Business from the UK, she has worked globally with the UN and NGOs, driven by her passion for human rights and rural development. Currently, she thrives as an editor for NGOs and an identity/career coach and lives in South East Asia.

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