• Fiction

    Her Mother’s Advice

    Silhouette of a mother and young daughter sitting on the beach with the sunset in the background

    Her mother told her when she was young – Be the kind of woman who can keep a family united. A woman who guards and protects fragile relationships, who cushions each family bond, so they don’t break.

  • Mental Health

    Coping With Lost Time

    silhouette of a head with crumpled papers floating above it

    When I first started college, I always believed I would make something of myself. I would get a degree, see the world, and become a successful journalist. I had it all planned out, and after the toll my harrowing years of high school took on me, I felt adulthood had something better to offer mentally.  I soon had reality hit me like a freight train. People always ask: “What would your younger self think of your current self?” It’s a question I can never answer easily. You might as well be asking me to find the circumference of the moon. Even then, I feel like I’d have an easier time…

  • Un-Breaking the News (UBN)

    Is There a Rainbow of Possibilities in Malaysia?

    Someone's view of their sneakers standing on rainbow pavement

    The Mid-May 2023 seizure of rainbow-colored Swatch watches from the brand’s Pride Collection at most major shopping malls in Malaysia, including the regionally renowned Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Queensbay Mall, and Mid Valley Megamall, struck many a Malaysian local as absurd. Following this crackdown, Malaysians flocked to comment sections on most major social media platforms with sarcastic, lighthearted memes and comments.

  • Lifestyle & Relationships

    What The Pandemic Was Really Like For An Introvert Like Me

    Candle, cup of hot chocolate, book, and pillow stacked in a window nook

    For introverts, you’d think that the pandemic would be fun. Or at least something they’d be used to. It all sounds pretty normal: staying inside, watching something on a streaming service, and spending too much money on a food delivery app. You’d be mostly right if you were talking to this introvert. But this introvert also struggled. And this introvert even missed talking to people.

  • Mental Health


    This digital artwork features a feminine healing character who’s dress holds a beautiful  serene tranquil world. The world was created from the magic happening in the stomach. In the stomach there are people (healthy micro biome bacteria) using healthy foods to create serotonin. You can find him on Instagram @2des (linked in his author name above as well).

  • Fiction

    Egyptian Woman

    Black and white photo of an old exhausted woman using a sewing machine

    I am an Egyptian woman I mean, I am an exhausted woman I spend my night in enjoyment till the morning watching fantasy movies that I do not afford living and my day passes through many ordinary tasks that no one counts.

  • Mental Health

    Who Are You? A Survivor

    flower blooming on a bush

    Who are you? What do you do? Those are the questions I am asked whenever I meet a new person. For decades, the answer was my name and “I’m a Counselor.”  Then I waited for them to get uncomfortable, as people sometimes do around the topic of mental health.  I’m also a writer who focuses on horror topics. These days I mostly try to figure out who I am and what I need to do so I can keep my depression at bay. I debate whether I should call it “My” depression because I really don’t want it, but “The” depression sounds odd because there isn’t only one depression.