hands clasped together
Mental Health

In The Car on the Way to the Hospital

Country of Origin: England

(Audio recording by Jordan Luz)

When he circles the roundabout,

I am pressed against the car door,

And it starts to hurt again. 

Bandages coiled around both arms 

like tefillin,

Blood as red as wine.

We rush through the night air,

A truly religious experience,

Worshipping in the synagogue of pain. 

I pull my cap down over my eyes,

Because the lights, they blur together,

Just like I knew they would. 

Just like they do every time.

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S is a 21-year-old writer, filmmaker and artist who is studying creative writing and wishes to be a screenwriter and author. He has experience of living in care homes and adolescent psychiatric hospitals, and often uses themes of loneliness and instability in his work.

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