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My Journey from Nopreneur to Entrepreneur

Country of Origin: India

Life is full of ups and downs,’ we have all heard this.

For me, this saying is completely justified. I have always been an achiever, since my childhood, with distinctions all through my academics. As an electronic engineer by training and a founder by passion, I took the path from a Bachelors of Technology degree in Electronics to becoming an entrepreneur, but it was never easy for me. Although the beginning was hopeful, later, I had my share of hardships.

Starting my career in 2013 at the giant consulting firm Tech Mahindra, I was placed via campus recruitment as an Associate Software Engineer. I resigned after two years of association in 2015 with anticipation of starting my own boutique. But fate saw to it that I didn’t get the chance to start my dream boutique at all.

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Not disheartened, I pushed myself and started preparing for the Masters in Business Administration examinations, managing through it with the little savings I made from my short tenure at Tech Mahindra Ltd. To secure admission into a top-tier institute, I went through the ordeals of SNAP, XAT, CMAT, and CET. Based on my good CMAT and CET scores, I joined a Management Institute. 

I also got an interview call from Amdocs, a US-based company. My parents were reluctant to let me work abroad, probably because they feared for my safety in a foreign land. So I accepted a remote offer from Wcities Content Solutions—a travel and entertainment content publisher—as a Freelance Editor. 

This was in 2017. 

By 2019, I decided to leave the employment world. Determined to start something on my own, I started freelancing, all from zero.

What you are seeking is seeking you

I got my first break from Pete Hillier, a client from London via Truelancer, and there has been no looking back since then.  Content projects started pouring in rapidly from across the world. 

After working for several clients and projects for over a year, it was the Pepper Content website that spotted me and regarded me as one of the ‘Highest Paid Freelancers’. They introduced me to several brands, such as Upgrad, Springboard, Mercer|Mettl, American Technology Consulting, PayTm, and many more. Within a year of consistent performance, they regarded me as a ‘Pepper Certified Writer’.

After three years of working with Pepper for over 300 top brands, I had the confidence to finally start my own agency. I have now been successfully running my own agency since December 2022. 

The trajectory from being an associate to an entrepreneur has been rewarding. Delightfully, it has earned me the honor of “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2022-23” by the Indian Achievers’ Forum, Delhi, India. As the cherry on top, I am now a part of the IndieFolio network, too.

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(Photo courtesy of Giorgio Trovato Photography via Unsplash)

A decade of tireless days, I am today representing Woman Entrepreneurship, nurturing a team of 20 talented professionals. Having groomed and guided innumerable aspirants over all these years is satisfying. All thanks to my mentors, my friends, and the people who have supported me and who have always been there to lift me up when I am down.

This is a small message from me to everyone out there, that if I can do it, so can you.

Thank you to Tripti Mund and Yosef Baskin for their inspired edits on this piece and everyone else on the Work & Life team.

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Namita Agrawal is a passionate entrepreneur, running her venture, Business Amoeba, where she helps in building brands. She is an engineer and a certified content expert, has worked with over 300 brands, and leads a team of over 20 creators. She is keen on writing and has been actively working in this field for 10 years.

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