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Mental Health

Paper Dreams

Country of Origin: Philippines

Turning from the busy conundrum of a dream full of lies,

A bittersweet goodbye;

Passion so strong

Somehow feels so wrong,

A meaningless feat,

Undeniable defeat;

What used to be alluring colorful lights,

Now flickering, almost dying,

Buzzing sound of glorious harmony,

Reduced to a humming melancholy,

Hauntingly beautiful.

Dreams of golden honey,

Fading into distance so uncanny,

Bittersweet memories creeping,

As nightmares awaken my being.

Lightning strike,

As grandfather clock struck

Witching hour of three,

Sky started to cry freely,

Downpour came in torrents,

Realization abhorrent,

Liquids seeping through the crack on the wall,

Flowing steadily onto the floor,

Blotted it out with crumpled papers to dry,

As I stare afar,

Paper now drenched,

Torn apart into pieces,

By the window I perched

Pen held tight,

No paper in sight,

Wanting to write

But cannot,

So I just sat tight,

As the paper on the floor dissolved into unrecognizable mess,

Just like my thoughts,

Wandering through time lost.

Thank you to Apurva Makashir for their inspired edit on this piece and everyone else on the Mental Health team.

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Maria Aires is a 52 y/o housewife whose only dream is to become a successful author/writer. Maria worked as a freelance writer before for a local travel magazine, and contributed a story for a book project.

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