• Brighter Tomorrow

    The Voice Of Our Ancestors

    A group of women sitting in the Maka forest villa

    He hears them. They speak to him constantly. No, not in his head. The voices speak to him in the breeze, the creeks, the leaves, the rocks, the soil, and everything all around him. Sometimes, they speak to him through the eyes of the elders of the community. These are voices that never stop for him.

  • Lifestyle & Relationships

    I Feel Closer to My Great Grandma Since She Forgot Who I Am

    Several hands clasped together, one old and one young

    “Are you sure you want to go visit Grandma T? It might be difficult for you to see her this way,” my grandma, whom I call “Oma,” asked me. “Why?” I asked in return. I knew my great grandma had recently moved from her home to a memory care facility, but I wasn’t aware to what extent her mind had been affected. I hadn’t seen her in a few months. “She gets really upset sometimes,” she replied. “And she probably won’t remember who you are.”

  • Un-Breaking the News (UBN)

    Is There a Rainbow of Possibilities in Malaysia?

    Someone's view of their sneakers standing on rainbow pavement

    The Mid-May 2023 seizure of rainbow-colored Swatch watches from the brand’s Pride Collection at most major shopping malls in Malaysia, including the regionally renowned Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Queensbay Mall, and Mid Valley Megamall, struck many a Malaysian local as absurd. Following this crackdown, Malaysians flocked to comment sections on most major social media platforms with sarcastic, lighthearted memes and comments.

  • Lifestyle & Relationships

    Adventure Hostess: Making My Home a Global Community

    Family cooking and sharing dishes

    Several people passed by my house this year. Many of them just passed by temporarily, but other people stopped by and stayed as long-term friends. For me, being an adventure hostess meant that everyone who needed a place to stay for some days, weeks, or months could come to my house. Welcoming people at home for over a year was my “specialty.”

  • Lifestyle & Relationships

    I’m Becoming My Mother, But That’s Not a Bad Thing!

    Brooklyn standing next to their mother.

    When I was a child, my mother told me I’d grow up to be just like her. She said it to me in a tone that let me know I’d dread what I experienced once the change happened. Now, I’m “grown up,” and, as she predicted, I am exhibiting more and more characteristics that initially belonged to my mom alone. As I get older, not only do I look more and more like her, but I act like her, too.

  • Lifestyle & Relationships

    Hey Mum and Dad, We Need You There

    Children's hand picking out crayons

    There are so many parenting guides out there, and it is challenging raising wonderful little humans. Here's something about the parent-child bond. It's pivotal as a child grows, and building a lasting bond is something that takes tons of effort. What makes the family so important is that it stands as the child's first experience in building a relationship.

  • Fiction

    Remove Your Veil

    Indian woman about to open curtain

    (-based on the old Indian customs related to widows; they were forcefully stripped of all jewellery upon their husband’s death, the vermillion rubbed off their foreheads, hardly given anything to eat, made to sleep on the floor, forbidden to wear anything colourful, not allowed to look at any male relatives, the veil always drawn low)

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