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    It’s Playtime! Bringing Fun and Joy to Displaced Children at the French Border

    Treehouse- Project Play

    When thinking about services for refugees and displaced people, we often consider food, clothing, shelter, and medical aid. Rarely do we think about play. Yet, “Play is essential for children’s development,” says Rachel Sykes, director of Project Play. Even children caught in the throes of migration need the opportunity to play — something that Project Play provides.

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    Growing up Wasian in Australia

    an asian woman holding her forearm over her eyes

    After my first Chinese lesson as an adult, I called my Grandma to tell her what I had learned. I speak my mother’s language — the language of the country I was born in and the language of the country I live in now — but I have never been able to properly learn Chinese, despite being half Chinese myself. My inability to speak Chinese has made me feel like I’m bad at being Asian.

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    Falling into Your Orbit

    Woman Falling into Water

    I’ve thought about The way the wind would whip my hair Away from my face just seconds before I find my end there On the rocks below Before your very presence brought A kind of happiness I wasn’t aware existed The kind I thought was mythical, you know?

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    Being a Depressed Mom 

    a silhouette of a woman standing in front of windows

    It’s hard feeling depressed. And it's really hard to be a depressed mother.  It takes a lot of effort to get up in the morning and much more effort to take care of others. Depression is thought to be one of the fiercest mental illnesses, one that nearly paralyzes its patients. Nothing is ever easy. Waking up, eating, going to work or school, even going out with friends is difficult.

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    Whore Sonnets

    a portrait of a woman with a mask over her face

    A vision of seduction, a slim waist, Her fit physique an invitation, To explore the longings your heart craves, Her energy is your new fixation.

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    Reminiscing on My First Day of Teaching

    Jordan Luz and his students from English 100; class picture

    My first day of teaching still haunts me to this day.  Not because it was a bad experience, although there were many things I would do differently if I could, but because it was the fact that I was teaching. Even though I majored in English as an undergraduate and master’s student, it was difficult for me to imagine myself in front of the classroom as a teacher.  I was notorious for doubting myself. Heck, still today, even when it’s been five years since I started teaching.

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    Your Body, Your Choice

    Single hand holding measuring tape, with the tape wrapped around the hand

    Men questioning women today is the norm. Why? Because less freedom means less opportunities to make the ‘wrong choice,’ I guess. The freedom we have today presses their buttons because they are losing power. There is no question there. In light of the Roe vs Wade verdict (when the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the right to abortion, upheld for decades), there is an obvious and cowardly attempt to wrest this power back.

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