• Fiction

    Mapping Hell

    type writer

    hell is a dank, dark basement apartment  once a home for two  but now only housing one who perpetually breathes in mildew  while learning the meaning of the phrase 'crawling with bugs' as he sits alone on a queen sized bed

  • Fiction

    Old Photographs

    old photographs in an album

    A ghost of a smile Graced my lips, Gazing at old faded photos of us I missed, Younger days have gone so fast. Truly good times never last.

  • Fiction

    Hawaiʻi – School Bus Snapshots

    Yellow school bus parks beneath the palm trees for shade and waits for the end of the school day to transport children back to their hones.

    Ho brah, your breath is haunas, dawg. Ever heard of one tooth brush? Da ting smell so crip, garans gon make somebody make. Not even. Not as hauna as your body odor, k. Now das pilau. YOU ever heard of going bocha?

  • Fiction


    City shot of Vietnam with people walking holding umbrellas

    Two things: 2 iron nails run in smoke. Frosty morning sunshine Overexposed B&W: at Loe Bar Red: Red Alley Sunset

  • Fiction

    Her Mother’s Advice

    Silhouette of a mother and young daughter sitting on the beach with the sunset in the background

    Her mother told her when she was young – Be the kind of woman who can keep a family united. A woman who guards and protects fragile relationships, who cushions each family bond, so they don’t break.

  • Fiction

    Shadows of Misery

    Black and white image of hands crossed behind someone's back

    Sitting in the shadows of misery Unraveling imprisoned dreams Wishing I can set them free to the sky Wishing I gave them my wings,  make them fly

  • Fiction

    Egyptian Woman

    Black and white photo of an old exhausted woman using a sewing machine

    I am an Egyptian woman I mean, I am an exhausted woman I spend my night in enjoyment till the morning watching fantasy movies that I do not afford living and my day passes through many ordinary tasks that no one counts.

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