Woman wearing a blue dress and she is blindfolded

Without Censorship

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

(Audio recording by Yosef Baskin)

There is so much within her, she deems unspeakable.

A restlessness, long muted,

vibrating undercurrents beneath her skin.

You feel it too, don’t you?

A razor-sharp blade sliding across your insides,

like a silent threat waiting to cut open,

tear membranes, and spill out all you hold within.

All my unsaid tickles my anxiety, it really does,

like soft feathers pulsating at the edges underneath the surface.

And this is how words are that are denied air,

weighty yet bubbling to the surface every chance they get.

She can hear them whispering,

humming a soft song of longing in her ears.

Notes seeking companions in relief and release.

Wouldn’t such music be welcomed by us all?

Thank you to Tia Credle for their inspired edit on this piece and everyone else on the Fiction team.

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Shikha S. Lamba is a jewelry designer and poet living in Hong Kong. She is also the co-editor of an online magazine, Coffee and Conversations. In love with all things creative, she has contributed poetry and articles for various publications in Hong Kong, the US and India over the years. Passionate about raising awareness about women’s health and mental health issues through her writing, Shikha’s poems often touch on themes of feminism and social injustice. She admittedly lives a big portion of her life online and can be found on most social media sites for her writing, jewelry and magazine.

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