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Mental Health

Tidal Waves

Country of Origin: United States of America

some days are tidal waves 

knocking me breathless

i gasp for air that won’t fill my lungs

drowning in the waters of worry

other days 

i drift gently as a feather  

floating on winds of hope

i bask in the warmth of joy

soaking in calm

healing is not linear

progress flows and ebbs like tides

some days i slip beneath the surface 

fighting to stay afloat

other days

i soar high above the darkness 

seeing light ahead

i breathe easier knowing

the low tides always recede

i softly embrace my broken spirit

cradle myself with kindness

mend slowly with care

fill its cracks with gold

i honor the darkness

for without it 

i would not recognize the light

pain bears gifts if i am open

today i will walk gently

bare feet grounded on earth

heart open to sky

receiving whatever comes

with arms stretched wide

Thank you to Apurva Makashir and Tanvi Sethi for their inspired edits on this piece and everyone else on the Mental Health team.

If you are interested in submitting a piece to the DG Sentinel, please visit our submissions page here.

Erica Lyn is a poet and mental health advocate, who passionately uses the power of words to explore and heal the human psyche. Her work is deeply rooted in personal experience, and she strives to create art that resonates with others who may be struggling with their own mental health. Through poetry, Erica sheds light on the often stigmatized topic of mental illness, offering a sense of understanding, empathy, and hope. Erica believes in the transformative potential of poetry as a tool for healing, and is committed to contributing to the important conversation surrounding mental health.

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