• Lifestyle & Relationships

    Hey Mum and Dad, We Need You There

    Children's hand picking out crayons

    There are so many parenting guides out there, and it is challenging raising wonderful little humans. Here's something about the parent-child bond. It's pivotal as a child grows, and building a lasting bond is something that takes tons of effort. What makes the family so important is that it stands as the child's first experience in building a relationship.

  • Mental Health

    The Messy History of a Licensed Psychologist

    Woman peering through the venetian blinds

    I can’t even remember my age when I started, but I had more than five psychologists. I established a rapport with none until my first visit to a psychiatrist, when my undeniable mental health was crumbling. My psychiatrist never gave me a proper answer, but she was, and still is the only therapist who I felt did not give up on me. As I said, various psychologists went in and out of my life. Many diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder.

  • Fiction


    Child holding hands with an adult

    My jeans are drenched as I look at the blurred images of you. It is hard to remember your face, though, when I can look in a mirror, I see you.

  • Fiction

    Remove Your Veil

    Indian woman about to open curtain

    (-based on the old Indian customs related to widows; they were forcefully stripped of all jewellery upon their husband’s death, the vermillion rubbed off their foreheads, hardly given anything to eat, made to sleep on the floor, forbidden to wear anything colourful, not allowed to look at any male relatives, the veil always drawn low)

  • Mental Health

    Ming and Hua

    Image of solo candle burning in the dark

    Separated for more than forty years without knowing each other's whereabouts, Ming reencounters Hua, his first love, at a reunification party, and falls in love with her again. As he begins to suffer increasingly from what he sees as a morbid emotional obsession, he tries to regain his mind by understanding, in terms of different 'complexes,' why he has become so helplessly infatuated with her. 

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    Finding Beauty and Ourselves in the ‘Devil’s Footprints’

    Aeriel image of the devil's footprints in Italy

    Those who don't know Italy well should know that there is no country or village–however small–that doesn’t feature a church, monument, scenic landscape or other remarkable  attraction that deserves to be visited. I would like to tell you the story of how I discovered the extraordinary Ciampate del Diavolo, or “Devil’s Footprints,” palaeontological site, an area with fossils of great scientific value.  It is tucked away in a little village, Tora e Piccilli, in the southern Italian area of the Roccamonfina extinct volcano. It preserves the oldest known footprints of Homo Heidelbergensis, one of the earliest extinct species of human beings who lived around 350,000 years ago.

  • Mental Health

    Miss Lily Grantham

    Person with two hands covering their face, but their face is shown through the hands

    My garden of wonders bloomed with an amalgamate of pink roses with overlapped thick velvety petals, and herbs – chives, basil, fennel - common points for pollinators every morning when I bid her goodbye before school bus on leathery wheels

  • Mental Health

    Being a Mom in the Era of Mass Shootings

    Three adults locking arms in front of building

    One Saturday in August 2019, parents, grandparents, and children were shopping for school supplies at an El Paso Walmart when they came face to face with a gunman set on taking as many Brown lives as possible. While this was happening, I was at Walmart in El Paso, buying school supplies for my son. I just happened to be at a different Walmart in town on that fateful day.