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Country of Origin: The United States of America

My jeans are drenched as I look

at the blurred images of you. It is hard to

remember your face, though, when I can

look in a mirror, I see you. Every night 

when I go to bed, I think

about my life if you were.

I might understand boys better.

         Every year, when it’s your birthday, I would

ask what your gift would be. You 

shrug, Million dollar.

A drawing, picture, or a

pair of socks? Every year I want

you in front of me. 

Your grizzly arms surrounding

me. I turn to the earth

and beg

it to swallow me.

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Tia Credle is a senior at Salisbury University with her Bachelor's in English with a concentration of Creative Writing. Tia has been writing stories and poems at the age of nine and recently has been submitting her works to literacy magazines. Her poem, The Perfect Example of Agony was published in Polaris Magazine this year. She enjoys listening to music, watching YouTube videos, reading and writing. She dreams of being a published writer and an editor for a literary magazine.

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