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Win Your Fears

Country of Origin: India

(Audio recording by Andrew Garcia)

To be more alive, you have to be less shy,  

For, stigma and inhibition are like chains.  

They keep us indoors, away from our dreams! 

A wheelchair or a walker is no shocker! 

Live, dream, fly, grab what you must. 

Go and knock down your fears.  

Spread the joy and wipe tears. 

Go dear go, sky opens if you win your fears!  

Thank you to Amber Harris for their inspired edit on this piece and everyone else on the Fiction team.

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Anwar Huda is from New Delhi, India. He has over 22 years experience in mass communication, film studies, journalism, content writing and translation (Hindi, Urdu and English), film/series script writing, copy editing, fiction writing, video and filmmaking. From 2000 to 2004, he worked as Script Writer and Asst. Director with Balaji Telefilms and Contiloe Films – both Mumbai based Film and TV Serial production house. He has assisted Shri Ranjit Kapoor, Late Subodh Chopra in film and TV writing. He was invited as a guest lecturer at various Mass Communication and Film Studies institutions. Twitter: @anwarhudawriter Instagram: storyteller_anwarhuda Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anwarhuda

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