• Fiction

    Sea Comedies

    a close up of a flower in black and white color

    Seas. Escapades. Journeys. These are the things one lives for. These are the things that Melissa Jennings’s mother wanted her to strive for. When she did, she found herself in the middle of a rowboat abandoned by her crewmen for the crime of being a woman who wouldn’t “put out.” The churning waves lifted and dropped the small rowboat over and over again as the sun beamed down on her clothed form. Queasiness filled her stomach, and it was only because she hadn’t eaten in days that she was not emptying it into the ocean. Her whole body was sticky and grimy from the caked-on sweat, and she wondered how…

  • Lifestyle & Relationships

    The Magic of Writing Christmas Greeting Cards

    a collection of Christmas cards by Viviana

    The world moves on, times change, and technology continues to invade our lives. Yet every year, as Christmas approaches, I open the “box of memories” where I keep not only the letters I exchanged with my teenage friends when social media didn’t exist but also the old postcards and greeting cards that were used to exchange holiday wishes into the 90s (and some into the early years of the new millennium).

  • Brighter Tomorrow,  Featured

    One Woman’s Mission to Let Migrant Women Shine Front and Center

    black and white image of a woman writing on a piece of paper

    An experienced immigrant, da Penha personally understands the challenges faced by migrant women. Native to Brazil, she has also lived in Portugal, Italy, and Cape Verde before settling in her current home in Scotland. But it was not just the challenges of migration that confronted her. The stories told by the press about migrants, especially women, were also alarming. As da Penha built a life away from her homeland, she began to realize the media did not always portray migrants in an accurate light, often describing them according to untrue stereotypes.

  • Fiction


    Inside view of a building from the ground looking up towards all the floors and ceiling

    Emile scowled theatrically at the mirror. His imagination ran wild with unearned pride. That’s how I’ll look, he thought. That’s how I’ll look when I march up to receive that shiny, new badge.

  • Work & Life

    Why Fueling Work with my Intense Passion is My Disruptive Secret

    an out stretched hand with a diamond hovering over it

    Society doesn’t like people like me, like you. Do you ever find yourself caught in the worry that your diverse passions could lead to confusion in people around you? Your audience, even? Maybe, like myself, you're concerned that this could even endanger the success of your business because you’re scattered all over the place. We are squiggly lines, and society likes straight, linear individuals.